Think of us as your Board of Directors, or Advocacy Group
​​The Pikes Peak Consultant’s Roundtable creates a trusting, respectful and fun place to support and motivate our members’ growth. Members and guests meet monthly and make new contacts, participate in discussions, gain new ideas, and share information about topics of importance to consultants.


Members of the Pikes Peak Consultant’s Roundtable (PPCRT) commit to operate with integrity, competence, and objectivity in all aspects of their businesses, in relationships with both clients and other consultants.
We are genuine, honest, non-deceptive, accurate and fair in all interactions with clients and peers.

  • We accept only engagements we are qualified to perform.
  • We specify the basis for fees and expenses in advance of every engagement.
  • We treat all client information with respect and the highest level of confidentiality and avoid the unauthorized use of confidential or proprietary information, from any source.
  • We develop and implement solutions that we believe are realistic, practical, and beneficial for the client.
  • We inform our clients of biases and influences we realize could affect our objectivity.
  • We advocate continuous learning to advance our knowledge and abilities and willingly share with other PPCRT members the lessons of our experience.
  • We support every other PPCRT member in his or her professional endeavors.
  • We refrain from knowingly initiating and engaging in correspondence or discussion with other member's clients without prior knowledge and agreement of the member.
  • We refer the PPCRT organization and/or individual qualified members to prospective clients when appropriate.

It is every member’s responsibility to report any violations of the Code of Ethics to a member of the Pikes Peak Consultant’s Roundtable Leadership Council.
We meet monthly first thing in the morning, at the Citizen Workforce Center on Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs.

Every other month, members-only gather to discuss all types of issues within our businesses, and to support our members in evolving, resolving, and growing.

On opposite months we invite consultant guests and have a speaker present on a relevant topic, then provide time for all to contribute on that topic. 

We will also have quarterly social gatherings that are outside the meeting venue - such as dinners or happy hour where members can bring their significant others to enjoy a casual scene that is fun and collaborative.